In Defense of Breasts

Breastfeeding is a beautiful gift between mother and child that reflects the nourishing nature of God. It's a very grand work. Literally nourishing another person with your body! In fact, it's an image of the Eucharist. Who else gave His body to feed us? Who else's body do we literally feast on and put at the center of our faith and our lives? Jesus!

The 7 Most Catholic Foods in the World

2. Pierogi Pierogi is a wonderful Polish food beloved by Catholics (look up #PierogiTwitter on Twitter) and even non-Catholics. It certainly has brought the city of Pittsburgh together. The Pirates baseball home games have pierogi races, Primanti Bros. has just created a limited-edition Polish Hill sandwich with pierogi instead of fries, and some churches even … Continue reading The 7 Most Catholic Foods in the World