LA Morning Show on Archangel Radio

I had the cool opportunity to talk with Todd Sylvester and Ellen Taylor on their LA (that's "Lower Alabama") Morning Show on Archangel Radio this morning about an article I wrote for EpicPew (These Saints with Feasts During Lent Will WOW You). It was a great little conversation. You can watch the replay here (I … Continue reading LA Morning Show on Archangel Radio

In Defense of Breasts

Breastfeeding is a beautiful gift between mother and child that reflects the nourishing nature of God. It's a very grand work. Literally nourishing another person with your body! In fact, it's an image of the Eucharist. Who else gave His body to feed us? Who else's body do we literally feast on and put at the center of our faith and our lives? Jesus!

I’ve Got a Friend in Francis Xavier

At the last moment, the other Jesuit fell ill and could not go on mission. St. Ignatius decided to send FX in his place. He was overjoyed and finally shared his long-held desire with Ignatius. When Ignatius questioned him for not sharing this desire earlier, FX answered that he was offering his will for the Divine Will and didn't want his personal desires to interfere...