July Giveaway Winner and…Stuff

Thank you to everyone who entered the July giveaway. Catherine Thorp is the winner! I hope you enjoy all your new loot!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, mostly because life is crazy. I’m in writing for late night comedy class now and I also freelance and I’m also still working on my books about the fairy tale princesses, which has a title and a cover!, and am still working on my novel. That’s a lot of stuff! Later this month, I’ll be doing a book cover reveal but for now, I want to share the title of my upcoming book with you: A Catholic Field Guide to Fairy Tale Princesses: Modern Virtues in Tales As Old As Time. Pretty snazzy! The book is on track for a November release with pre-sales starting in late September or October. This is going to be a great book for nostalgic millennials, parents, or anyone who wants to see how we can find the faith in pop culture. I’ve been working on this book for over ten years and am so excited to finally have it see the light of day!

In this month of August, if you join my Patreon subscribers, the Zoeastrians, you’ll get chapter previews, other sneak peeks, and a discount code for when the book is available! Your support ensures that I can write articles and books and do what I love, giving you the content you’re hoping for. Check it and join today so you don’t miss any of the fun stuff! I also occasionally post bloopers, outtakes, and extras from the podcast, Up Too Late, over there, too.

Coming up on the podcast soon we have Haley Stewart talking about Jane Austen and mouse nuns, Claire Swinarski on her books and being a Catholic feminist, Jeannie Gaffigan, and Fred Oakman (my favorite musician of all time!). The summer may be winding down, but we’re still having lots of fun! Check that out every Friday night at 9pm EST. You can listen anywhere you listen to podcasts or at Grexly.

As far as the podcast goes, after summer is over, I’ll be taking a break from guests and giveaways, etc., and concentrating on doing my bits as good as possible and coming up with some new bits. Back to the way things were…but better. The Fall is going to be awesome on Up Too Late!

Finally, I’m unsure how often I’ll get to write over here still. My comedy class is still ongoing and then I have a month off before I start UCLA’s professional program in feature Screenwriting at the end of September. That’s going to be an even bigger time commitment than my comedy class. If there are topics you really want me to cover on the blog, let me know and I can definitely figure out a way to make them happen, but otherwise, things might still be quiet around these parts. Never fear, I’m never far, just a tweet away (follow me on Twitter for the real shenanigans).

That’s pretty much it for me. Until I get some time to write again!

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