Haphazardly Homesteading: Vol 3. Here I Go Again

So I decided to give growing things another go. We have plenty of seeds lying around and eat avocados regularly, so I thought, “It’s warm again, why not?” So I planted a bunch of flowers and some eggplant, put two avocado pits in water, and prayed. So far, so good!

There’s now one more tiny pot and all of the things in pots have sprouted!

Everything in a pot has decided to sprout now. The avocados are stubborn and won’t do anything. Is there a secret to them that I’m just not aware of? ~*tHe MyStErY oF fAiTh*~

I’ve also decided to water the orchid (not pictured because it’s so pathetic) again and see what happens. At this juncture, nothing.

Who has good recipes for eggplant? Because there are 17 eggplant sprouts in that last green pot.

Also not pictured are the cacti which are thriving. You don’t get to be better than everyone else!!! I love cactuses. They’re so simple to care for and pretty and nip you if you get too close. A plant after my own heart.

Maybe by the end of the week I’ll have some blooms or something else impressive to show you. We can only hope.

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