Guess Who’s a Baby Naming Consultant?

This girl! I’ve been writing and interning for Kate at Sancta Nomina this year and now I’m pleased to announce that I will be offering consultations of my own! Details are over on her blog, but here’s an excerpt of the post I wrote for her today:

As far as naming goes, I tend to go off of my gut instinct and do research to back that up. I also look for creative and out of the box ways to meet criteria given by the parents. To practice, I asked a group of women if they would allow me to try to guess their naming styles. They gave me sibling names and maybe another detail or two about what they look for in a name and I would rattle off six to twelve guesses or suggestions. Many of them exclaimed that I had correctly guessed some names on their lists and many of those women also said that I’d given them more names to add to their lists!

I’m so excited to be part of the Sancta Nomina family and I hope I can help many families!

Just a note, all three free consultations have been claimed!

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