The 12 Stages of Becoming a Princess

Much like grief, there are several stages to realizing you’re definitely a princess. Twelve, in fact. Here we go.

1. Disgust

At first, disgust roils inside of you at the mere mention of possibly being a princess. “Me? A princess? I don’t think so! I’m not some snotty, snooty, brat who has everything handed to her!”

2. Disbelief

“Who me? You must have the wrong person.”

3a. Sarcasm

“Suuuuuure,” you mutter sarcastically while secretly wishing it could possibly be true.

3b. Punk Rock Princess

“Yeah okay, I’m a princess, maybe. A punk rock princess!”

4. Trying to own it

There are gonna be some bumps in the road, but you still work for world peace!

5. Owning it

You know you got this!

6. Going overboard

Starting to take this thing a little far. Starting to live up to the stereotype….

7. Burn out

Welp, you’ve over done it. You’re burnt out, washed up, dethroned.

8. Absolution

Realizing that you’re not the shit or better than anyone else just because you are a princess. And working to right all your wrongs.

9. Trying to forget any of it ever happened

You just wanna disappear and forget that you ever even heard the word “princess”. It’s okay, it’ll get better.

10. Easing back into it

11. Understanding what being a princess really means

I’m a princess and you’re a princess and you’re a princess! We’re all princesses! We’re all special, we’re all meant to serve and lead, and we’re all precious.

12. Taking your rightful throne

And we all live happily ever after.

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