Can St. Joseph Help You With Your Catholic Dating Journey?

Pope Francis has declared this year to be the year of Saint Joseph, patron of workers, husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus.

Joseph often gets overlooked because of his more famous family members. Also, not a word of his is recorded in Scripture! He is the definition of the strong, silent type. But he’s also an amazing model for men and women, alike, fathers, and family life. He’s even a great friend to single Catholics.

Diving into the world of Catholic dating in this year of St. Joseph? Here are some reasons why you should get to know him and ways that can aid you in that journey.

Why should you get to know St. Joseph this year?

He’s part of the Holy Family

Joseph lived with the two holiest people to ever walk our earth: Jesus and Mary. He learned how to be holy with them. Then, he created a fruitful family with them.

Because of his role as the foster father of Christ, he’s a great teacher for you on your path to holiness. Discerning family life as your vocation? There’s no one better to learn what that entails from than the man who chose to help raise and protect the Son of God.

He knew when to speak (and when to stay quiet!)

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