The Oh Help Me Jesus Homeschool Academy of the Very Clever but Not At All Prepared

As if this were how studious my child is lolol (clearly not real footage of my child)

I’ve been trying to write about how our homeschooling is going for at least a week now and I’m coming up blank. That describes our experience pretty well, actually. In early October, we pulled our oldest (3rd grade) out of the Catholic school we’ve previously loved to homeschool her for the rest of the year. Homeschool her while my husband works full-time from home, I work two part-time jobs from home, and we have the baby. Call us: shellshocked.

I’d love to tell you that after the first few weeks of rearranging our schedules and getting used to another new normal that things are all smooth sailing now. But I can’t. And honestly, that’s all I have to say about any of this.

In other news, we’re getting ready for Christmas and trying not to weep. We’ve decorated, which is nice. Jess and I also started cooking thoughtful family dinners again instead of just boiling some rice and hoping for the best. We’re all a lot happier this way and spending the extra time with Jess is nice, too. It’s a good break from the shouting over our shoulders throughout the day while we’re both working.

And, as seems to be the theme of our life, we try to be prepared, do some preparation, and then arrive at whatever task to find that we are actually under prepared at best. We’ve learned to live with it. Maybe we’re learning about life. You know, you never really truly can prepare totally for life or the future but it’s good to try anyway and then make the rest up on the fly. Don’t even get me started on flies, though.

Lastly, we’ve been listening to this song a lot. It’s by a band from my hometown, The Twirpentines. When I was young (ah, the days), these guys were the face of the punk movement in our area. They’ve long since broken up, but their music lives on in my heart *tear*. (Look at that! I was actually prepared enough to both be able to and know how to embed a video! I couldn’t remember if I’d done this before or not. Ha.)

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