Haphazardly Homesteading: Vol 2

The orchids have died. For a grocery store plant, they lasted pretty long! I do wish the blooms would’ve stuck around longer, but such is life. I got more time out of them than I originally thought I would, so it’s still a win.

The coneflower plant in the pink pot is taking over! It’s so fun to see it grow and tangle and bloom and just sprout like crazy. This is definitely the most successful plant.

The coneflower plant in the green pot….never grew one bit. It also developed this white mold on the soil which I learned is harmless but because of crappy soil. I should’ve known. C’est la vie.

The basil is doing well, I think. This is the first herb I’ve ever grown so I don’t really know. But it looks like pictures I’ve Googled! So maybe someday it will be real, useable basil.

The avocados have still not produced any roots, which they should’ve by now. Perhaps they won’t? Perhaps they’re just shy? Who knows! The kids will be awfully disappointed if they don’t do anything. Of course, if they don’t, we can always just try again the next time we have enough money for the luxury of an avocado.

No chickens in the backyard! My husband would have my head. That would just be too much for us to take care of right now and anyway, I don’t particularly like chickens. Maybe someday when we own our own house and have been successfully gardening and harvesting for a year or so. Or maybe never.

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