Quick Life Update

Everyday saints series will return next Monday! I had gotten a bit behind on this series due to other commitments and decided I needed a break, so I took last week completely off from writing. It was super refreshing and I’m ready to go again! The first saint up when we get back, I chose because she shares the same name as my mom.

Monday will also be my kids’ first day of school for the year. So please pray for us! We’ve opted to do hybrid schooling at their Catholic school for this semester. They’ll go in person three days and then have independent study at home for two days. This works well with health concerns and with my husband and I both working from home.

I’ve been not-so-quietly keeping the secret that I’m starting a podcast. I’m hoping to get the first episode out before the end of September and then it will be weekly from then on. More info on this coming soon!

Thanks for sticking with me and enjoying my work. If you really enjoy what I do, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. This will help me continue to put out good content and feed my family.

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