St. Magnericus

Trier Cathedral

Magnericus was raised by  St. Nicetius and accompanied him into exile when he was banished (the King had banished Nicetius as revenge for being excommunicated). He returned to Trier the following year and then was ordained to the priesthood by Nicetius in 566.

As bishop, Magnericus restored the city of Trier and founded several clerical communities (including St. Eucharius and St. Paulin). He also ha a great devotion to St. Martin of Tours, building several monasteries and churches dedicated to him and converted the Holy Cross Church in Trier to an oratory in St. Martin’s honor. Later, this became the Abbey of St. Martin, otherwise known as the Deumelberg. The other churches he dedicated to St. Martin are in Ivois, Carden on Moselle, and a second one in Trier.

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