Bl. James Andrade

James Andrade was a native of Coimbra, Portugal. He entered the Jesuits as a young man and, in 1570, set sail for the West Indies with a band of Jesuit priests led by Blessed Ignatius de Azevedo. The captain of the ship was a Huguenot Protestant who wasn’t fond of Catholics. While on board, the captain put all of the men to death by throwing them off the boat in the middle of the sea near the Canary Islands.

Not much is known about Blessed James Andrade other than this but he’s worthy of knowing. James followed his call even unto death and that’s an admirable thing. Isn’t that what we must all do? Follow our call unto death? Our call may change throughout the course of our lives, and that, too, is good. As we are varied, God is even more varied, and calls us according to our variety.

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