Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Don’t Fail Me Now! (A Weekly Roundup)

Hiiiii I’m back in the saddle after taking some maternity leave to be with my new baby and family, let my body heal, and get through the holidays.

Ze bebe is already 2 months old. How?! Maybe soon I’ll share her birth story. Do you wanna know about it?

Where I’ve been writing

So I’m still over at EpicPew writing every week. Here’s what I’ve had published recently:

A post about a lesser-known favorite of mine, St. Gaspar del Bufalo

Rethinking Sex and Marriage

How to have a good new year

The awesomeness of novenas

Cool icons of saints

I’ve also written a lot more for EP since the last time I linked to anything. You can find everything I’ve written for EP (EVER!) here.

I’ve also got a new gig writing two articles a month for CatholicSingles. That’s right, yours truly is now writing dating advice. Watch the heck out. My debut piece there details how to meet a match in person for the first time and all the ways my husband and I screwed up our first date. Definitely worth the read even just to laugh at me!

My second piece deals with picking a patron saint for your relationship. I’m a huge fan of patron saints for e v e r y t h i n g so definitely pick one for your relationship!

What else I’m up to

I have to keep myself occupied or else I’ll get into shenanigans! It is known. For about 8 months now, I’ve been working as the Marketing Manager for Catholic Sports, a organization kind of like FOCUS where our missionaries go to different parishes we have partnerships with and bring sports fellowship. It’s really cool. We currently have missionaries in Denver, San Diego, and Chicago (Naperville). I send out all our emails, run our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), create and run ads for our leagues, handle league registrations, and all kinds of other cool stuff. If you know me, you can probably guess that the social media is my favorite part. Hehe.

I’m also the Publicity lead for my local MOPS group which means I do a lot of the same stuff I do for money except as a volunteer. I love this group of women and I’m so blessed to be able to serve our group. Really and truly. These were the first people I met when we moved to Colorado Springs and they welcomed in my family like we’d always been here. They also provided us with meals for 3 weeks after Penny was born!!

Lastly, I’m part of a Lenten project filled with talented female storytellers. I can’t wait to tell you more about it and share it with you!!

Stuff around the Web I’m digging right now

I write about every other month for FemCatholic but I super dig this interview with Simcha Fisher one of our contributors did. Simcha is awesome and I’m so glad she thinks we’re awesome.

This piece at FemCatholic on receptivity is also straight up goodness.

I’m going to join the CathLit2020 Reading Challenge hosted by Haley Stewart of Carrots for Michaelmas. You should join too!

There is a t-shirt fundraiser for a family in need going on right now. This shirt is absolutely beautiful whether or not you’re a Tolkien fan! I bought mine in light olive and my husband got his in maroon.

Okay, we kicked opossums for sport growing up but this YouTube lady has me rethinking everything. I’ve been watching her videos all week and every time I laugh so hard I cry.

The American Girls Podcast is my favorite podcast ever. Historians and hosts Mary and Allison go through each of the books of the American Girls series and talk about the historical context, with some pop culture added for extra flare. It’s both entertaining and educational and you don’t have to know anything about the American Girls to love it.

Finally, a sober note. My dear friend Anna escaped from a horrific domestic violence situation a year ago and is now able and ready to tell her story. While she is currently safe, her kids are still with her ex and she has an uphill battle to fight for justice and safety for her and her children. Please, consider donating to her GoFundMe which will help her pay for legal fees, a safe living situation, and so many of the other incidentals that life throws at us. Giving even $1 to her very literally helps save her life. Alternatively, her only source of income is her Etsy shop HoneybirdHandicrafts where she makes beautiful home goods. Consider sprucing up your home with some of her wares!

That’s all for this week. Tell me what you’re currently reading or watching or whatever and what things I should be tuning into and writing about!

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