Weekly Roundup: Sept. 16-22

Well, I haven’t been around too much this week but you also don’t know what I’ve been up to most of the month, so I’ll just link all September things this time.

Not coincidentally at all, I’ve been exclusively over at EpicPew this month.

These Ridiculous Misconceptions about the Catholic Church are Finally Explained

7 Things (Other Than Pumpkin Spice) Catholics Can Look Forward to This Fall

This New Missalette is Changing the Way Kids Go to Mass

Dominican Priest Destroys Misconceptions About Faith

That’s it for now, guys. Living pretty simply over here. Wait, that’s a lie. Sick kids, another job, appointments all the time, moms groups, etc. etc. etc. It’s like a tornado over here. But a tornado we’re actually happy to be swept up in! More stuff coming next week, so keep your eyes peeled. Although, this time next week we’ll be in Ohio with family so maybe we won’t connect again until October. Either way, happy reading and thank you for your support.

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