Time Efficiency WTF

So, I’m still here. Despite my long absence! I picked up a new job this summer (I’m the marketing manager now for Catholic Young Adult Sports) and the kids have been home and not in camps/lessons/playdates 80% of the time. Re-organizing and re-learning time management while small people jump all around you and you’re also cooking one in your body…it’s a lot!


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And just like that, summer is coming to an end. My kids go back to school next Wednesday, there’s an end of summer/back to school bash at a classmate’s house tonight and the Cub Scouts (my little kindergarten son decided he wanted to join!) are doing their last summer activity this Sunday.

This also means that I’m 25 weeks along, in the throes of nesting/hoarding, and looking forward to having a bebe in my arms in about 3 months. Whoo! Time flies! This also means that I’ve been reflecting on my other pregnancies and children a lot. I keep re-reading my naming stories over at Sancta Nomina. With names and meanings like my other children have, the pressure was on this time around! Think we could pull a hat trick? Check back around Thanksgiving to find out 😉

The school year brings with it structure. I’m so so grateful for this. It’s very hard for me to internally make myself stick to a structure, so outside forces are super helpful. I’m also all about time efficiency (since I have 3 jobs, a volunteer position, school/kids, and just generally maintaining the house; I need to be!). I’m always so tempted to use every ounce of time with doing things and I often burn out because of it. This year, my goal is simple. I will go to daily mass at the kids’ school parish. Kids must be dropped off by 8am each day and then that’s exactly when daily mass starts. No excuses! What really makes this a remarkable feat for me is that I spend about 2 hours every day driving to and from the kids’ school and so have limited time to get all of my work done. I’m so tempted to just barrel through the duties, the things that will still be there that I forget to do the most time efficient thing there is: take care of my soul. So that’s where I’m starting this year. Back to basics.

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