What Really Constitutes “Writing”?

I sometimes am asked (by my husband sometimes!) how much time it really takes me to write an article or post, what actually goes into writing one. Actually typing one out usually only takes, at most, 60 minutes. And this is what most people equate with writing; the time actually spent writing out the words.

But writing takes so much more time than that! I don’t sit down to write the words of an article until I have an idea or theme in mind. I’ve been marinating on that theme for hours, or maybe even days or weeks, before I have a solid, coherent idea and structure in my mind. It is only then that I can sit down at my laptop and click-clack out the words that form the article.

When I sit and count out the hours I spend actually writing out articles and formatting them and editing them, it comes to approximately 15-20 hours per week. When I include all of the hours I’ve pondered different subjects, thought of interesting connections between items, thought of how to formulate these ideas into coherent sentences and paragraphs, then my hours look much closer to full time.

One of the most exciting parts of writing, for me, is stewing in these ideas before they become actualized on the screen. Some ideas just soar on their own, some need some pushing, and some never get off the ground. Others morph into something new and take on a whole new shape. Each moment spent staring off into space or getting lost in my mind is invaluable time spent honing ideas and words, exploring what is and what could be.

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