Dream a Little Dream

In seventh grade, 1998, my best friend and I were excited with the news that our favorite band, Hanson, was releasing another album. Shortly before its release, I had a dream of a new song sung by the youngest member who didn’t usually take lead vocals. The album ended up being a compilation of songs from their first two independently released albums, and no new material. It seemed that my dream was just a product of the over-active imagination of a twelve-year-old on the brink of puberty.

However, two years later, Hanson did release a new album. I received it for my birthday, which I spent on vacation visiting family that year. As I listened through the album for the first time on my discman in my hotel room in Wisconsin, track eight caught my attention. Not because it was particularly masterful or catchy, but because I had heard it before. It was the song I had dreamed of more than two years prior.

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