Discipline and a Hidden Saint

Discipline is the practice and habit of practicing virtue.

St. Teresa Margaret clearly possessed the virtues of temperance and humility and obedience but she had to discipline herself in these ways. What a great model! As this new year really gets underway, we are all looking to discipline ourselves in some way or another, whether that be treating our physical bodies better, taking care of our mental health, or any number of things. We need discipline to achieve these things and also to simply keep at them even when we want to quit.

I don’t normally choose a resolution for a new year; rather, I choose a theme. This year I chose discipline. By choosing discipline, I’ve chosen to look at all areas of my life throughout the year and see where and how I need to grow. And I can start simply. Making sure I set aside time to pray in thanksgiving for my day before bed has been my first way. I’ve also identified ways I can flourish in my professional life and how to make that happen. I make sure to take my daily medications when I’m supposed to and eat a real breakfast every day so that I have the mental and physical energy to embrace the day. Building up the muscle of discipline is gradual.

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