Looking into the New Year

Mmmkay so 2019 is here and going and I thought I should give a quick update about my writing plans and goals for the year.

This blog is basically my dumping ground for everything else I do and the occasional update. Would you like to see more original content here, too?

I’m writing weekly (plus 2 book reviews per month) over at EpicPew, so keep looking for me there.

I will be writing 2-3 times a week at my Patheos blog, Contemplatio Culture. Hit me up if there’s something you’d like to see over there. Hopefully, I’ll have a couple guest contributors there this year, too. How would you feel about more of my own poetry and prose over there?

I finished my Wattpad novel Miles Apart. I’m contemplating starting another one but the update schedule would be much slower. Thoughts? Did you like Miles Apart? Did you even read it??

I’m working on a book proposal *ahhh!!!* I’m also freelancing more, so watch for my guest posts at various places.

And lastly, a little call for help. Most of what I’ve listed above I do for free or for very little. I also have another part-time job and am starting another part-time job soon. If I have to do either of these other jobs more often, I won’t have as much time to write, which breaks my heart. If you like what I do, please support me! Become my patron on Patreon and help me keep creating and doing what I’m most passionate about.

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