Traditions and the Rhythm of Life


Traditions give rhythm to life within a specific family.

Much like the Liturgical calendar, holidays and traditions allow a rhythm to life. We know what to expect and when and prepare accordingly. This can be such a great comfort in a world and life that is often so unpredictable. I know every Christmas we are going to have an enormous fish meal even though the specific dishes may change each year (we like to try new things). I also know that I’ll have to buy a bunch of eggs and orange juice and anise oil and set aside an entire evening to slave over my pizzelle iron and make these delicious cookies. Likewise, each Holy Week, I know I need to buy lamb and ground beef and orzo and all the other ingredients necessary for our Easter meal.

This steady, rhythmic living is a reminder that God is constant and unchanging and unfailing. We may face challenges, difficulties, and roadblocks in life, but these holy days and traditions are constant, He is constant. Within my family, we know that no matter what house we’re in or what town or state or what challenges we’re going through, we will eat pizzelles and fish on Christmas and listen to Bing Crosby, and that we will be together. Traditions stabilize us in the midst of whatever whirlwind we find ourselves.

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