This Cardinal’s 5 Secrets to Sanctifying Your Work


Human Work as Cooperation with God

“Now our work does not belong to us wholly. For even n the most personal work we use powers and strength that are given to us by God, the Creator of nature. This work does not belong to us, for its character is not only personal but social as well. Neither can we wholly divert our work toward ourselves. So when we speak of ‘our work’ we are allowing ourselves some exaggeration. It is rather a simplification of our thought than a literal expression of the truth. The following words recall this fact: ‘Work at all your tasks with a will, reminding yourselves that you are doing it for the Lord, not for men; and you may be sure that the Lord will give the portion He has allotted you in return’ (Col. 3:23-24). God is the cause of all creation and the giver of strength and energy for work. He also directs human energies toward the plan He had established in the act of creation. God has called us to cooperate with Him, and granted us appropriate powers, abilities, and the initial preparation for work. He still governs the world that He has created, and carried out part of His government with the help of man” (pgs. 47-48).

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