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Miles Apart cover

Hi, I know it’s Wednesday and. not Tuesday and that that means I’m, yet again, behind on getting my next chapter up. But it’s here! AND I ended up splitting up this chapter, too, so you’ll get one more chapter from me! I’m the writing gift that keeps on giving (unless you think my novel is trash, in which case, don’t bother lighting the match, just walk away from my dumpster fire). Anyway, here’s Chapter 23 of Miles Apart. The interaction between S and D in this chapter has been part of this story since it’s inception 11.5 years ago, so I’m a little touchy about that particular part of this writing; however, the rest of the chapter is free game. Enjoy!

jesus saves la

Also, if you didn’t know, I have a new column on the Patheos Catholic channel that just went live on Monday. Check it out: Contemplatio Culture.

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