Guess Who Has a New Column!!

That’s right, it’s me! Ya girl has a brand new column over on Patheos Catholic called Contemplatio Culture. I’ve been anticipating this day all Autumn and am very glad the day is finally here. I think it’s super fitting that I’ve been waiting for this new venture to go live all Fall and it finally does when we enter the season of Advent– the season of waiting. Here’s a sample of my first article over there:

jesus saves la

The thirst for God is everywhere, but not just in His absence; the wonder of God’s presence fills the secular world, too. To use another song as an example, “Let My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townshend is actually supposed to be about God singing a love song to us, His beloved. Most people just hear a simple love song between a man and a woman, but Townshend wrote it with a deeper purpose, to wonder in God’s love for us. Beneath every inch of creation is a God Who pours Himself out in love limitlessly for us, and we should look to find Him there, especially in these unexpected places.

The goal is to become saints

Pope St. John Paul II reminded us deeply of the universal call to holiness, meaning that we are all meant to be saints. To be a saint means to be fully united with God, to be a saint means to be holy. Saints have all sorts of different charisms and missions and ways of relating to the world and times surrounding them– because we are all different people who reflect the vastness and infiniteness of God in different ways. Some are meant for a more ascetic life, some for a more active life, some for a hidden life, and some for a public life. For those of us who live a less monastic life, we have to encounter the world at large daily and encounter those that may not know Christ and, in that way, we must be open to common points to be able to bring these dear ones into the fullness. Even this takes on many forms according to the individual!

Read the rest of my very first article of my brand new column for Patheos Contemplatio Culture here!

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