I Think My Novel is Trash

Hiiiii. I have a new chapter for you today. I ended up splitting this one in two, so we get an extra chapter out of me after all.

I did have a minor existential crisis while editing this one, though.

So, uhhhh, as always, tell me what you think, but maybe be really gentle this time. Read Chapter 20 here.

One thought on “I Think My Novel is Trash

  1. Agree w you on politics, but disagree on your novel! And you’re not trash, for sure. But trash is trash, so let it be what it wants to me. I liked the story in Chapter 20. I’ve not read any of the rest of your definitely untrashy novel, but I liked this. Good characterization, realistic dialogue, and you didn’t repeat a description of a resort TWICE in one page as a “book” I recently read did. So, nope. Not trash.

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