Friday Faves: Vol. 1

Friday Faves

Alright, trying something new! I find that there are a lot of things I’d love to share with my readers but I just don’t have time to write in-depth about all of them. I thought this could be a good way to share with you what I’m liking this week while not getting in over my head.

This week has been another busy but good one. I went to Walt Disney World with two of my best friends (I’ve known them for about 30 years now!) and we had a blast but totally wore ourselves out #old. I was in one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people and even got to see my favorite band (Hanson) from the third row! It was a great time and not long enough but satisfying all the same. However, I got in late Wednesday night and have pretty much been a zombie ever since (fitting for the season, at least, I suppose). So let’s do some Friday Faves!


Saint Cecilia by Foo Fighters

saint cecilia

This song has been my jam lately. It’s catchy, it’s deep, it talks about bones and healing and a saint. It’s a total powerhouse any time of year but especially at this time of year. Just think about these lyrics: “I’ve got this feeling/I can’t keep it down anymore/Bring me some healing/Saint Cecilia, carry me home/To your house of broken bones.” This is the good stuff! This whole EP (also called Saint Cecilia) is actually really awesome.

Sabotage by Beastie Boys


I don’t have a good reason for liking this song other than that I do. It’s drum line is resounding, it’s rebellious, and it’s perfect for blasting in the car after dropping the kids off at school. It’s also a great song to run to (if you’re into that sort of thing) or working out in general.

How Bizarre by OMC

how bizarre

This came up on my #ThrowbackThursday playlist on Spotify and man, did it throw me back. This was one of the weirdest pieces of my middle school life and, as the title suggests, it’s quite bizarre. But it’s all fun, happy guitar riffs and narrative lyrics about driving around with some friends.

Grim Grinning Ghosts from “The Haunted Mansion” at Disneyland and WDW

grim grinning ghosts

The Haunted Mansion is my favorite Disney ride (I’ll write up why another time) and so this song has a special place in my heart. Since I just got to ride it again for the first time in almost seven years, it’s been stuck in my head. Another classic Disney song written by legend X Atencio.

Penny & Me by Hanson

penny & me

Couldn’t have a faves list this week without a Hanson song! This is my all-time favorite Hanson song. Penny, rather than being a person, is actually an analogy for music and the way music is always with us. Basically, this is a love song to music that moves us and stays with us throughout our life. Fun fact: Penny is a reference to The Beatles’ “Penny Lane” which was itself about a street rather than a person. Fun fact 2: The lyrics “Making it by in the pink moonlight” is a reference to the Nick Drake album Pink Moon which was influential to Hanson.



The Good Place

the good place

There are just too many awesome things to say about this one. It’s in season 3 currently and it’s doing just as well now as it did in it’s first two seasons. It gives a great overview of different philosophies of life and the afterlife and shows how many of them fall short. You don’t even need to know any philosophy to watch, understand, and enjoy this show! That’s how accessible it is. Stream this!



Season 3 just released on Netflix and I could not have been more excited. We’ve waited a long time for season 3 since The Defenders came in between seasons 2 and 3. This season is a little darker and a little grittier than previous seasons and doesn’t deal much with international crime groups like The Hand. Instead, this season is very introspective and local rather than grandiose, taking a look at faith, love, mental illness, manipulation and deception, and the power of the law to right wrongs. Just phenomenal. It’s also the most Catholic thing I have seen on TV maybe ever and it’s Catholic in a wholistic, practical, accessible way: Daredevil seriously struggles with the implications of his faith and the Faith, in general. So, so good.


To Middle-Earth and Back Again by Kaitlyn Facista 

to middle earth and back again

This journal is fantastic. As sad as I am to say it, I have never really been able to get into The Lord of the Rings books. While I loved the movies and loved the book The Hobbit and have a deep love and respect for J.R.R. Tolkien, the books are so dense and filled with meaning and information that it’s been hard for me to keep myself afloat while reading them. I once had to take a break from LOTR by reading some Dostoevsky! But Kaitlyn’s read-along journal is a masterpiece of making this epic work relatable, palatable, and understandable. I could not more highly recommend this companion journal! On top of being so helpful, Kaitlyn is an excellent writer.

The Grace of Enough by Haley Stewart

grace of enough

If you want a kick in the butt to live life in a more radically simple way dependent upon God and fostering the value of family and community, look no further, this is the book for you. Haley gently instructs through sharp wit, wisdom, intelligence, humor, and anecdotes to help us see that a life of more stuff is not the way to a life of more fulfillment. Seriously one of the best things I’ve read all year.

One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler

one beautiful dream

I’ll be completely honest, I never thought my dreams were good enough or stable enough to be lived out and I didn’t think I was talented enough to make them a reality anyway. It has only been in the past few months that I’ve been confident enough to say that I’m a writer when people ask what I do. And I’ve been a paid writer for at least 3 years now! Writing has always been my dream and it has been what I’ve done since I was old enough to tell stories. It is my passion, my calling, my profession, my career, my vocation. Having a family has sometimes been really hard to reconcile with this passion but Jennifer Fulwiler, in this book, reminded me that I’m not an island trying to make my dreams come true; my family is an integral part of my dream and making this dream happen and I need to include them as such. Such a wonderful book for igniting the fire of passion again and learning how to live that passion while living the dream and demands of family life.

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

secret life of bees

I haven’t finished this one yet but I love it. The story is so compelling and the characters are all deep and complex. The writing is also exceptional. It reminds me a bit of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and that’s a good thing. Can’t wait to finish this one and say more!


That’s it for this week! Let me know what you think of my faves or tell me some of your own in the comments. Tune in next week for more!

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