A Really Rough Chapter

Miles Apart cover

So, Chapter 19 of Miles Apart is up. I ended up cutting about 2/3 of this chapter and, while I feel like it was the right move, I feel like this chapter is sort of bare without it. I’ll definitely need to rework this chapter in the future, but right now, how do you feel about these contents? Again, the back half of this novel is super rough, so I’m totally open to kind and constructive criticism. I sat with this chapter for a long time trying to bring it to fulfillment on my own and struck out. So, that’s where you come in. Help me out! How do you feel about Sid and Elliot’s relationship? About Elliot? Do you think Donnie’s totally out of the picture for good? What other things strike you or do you think I need to improve? Hit me! Anyway, despite all of my misgivings about this chapter, I hope you enjoy! Read it here at Wattpad.

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