A Writing Dump!

Soooooo it’s already been a busy month and there is SNOW ON THE GROUND here. Please put me out of my misery! IT’S ONLY OCTOBER!! *cries profusely in the corner* So glad I’m going to Florida for a few days at the end of the month.


At the end of September, I had a couple book reviews published at EpicPew:

women pray

11 Women Share the Powerful Impact Prayer Made in Their Life

humdrum to holy

9 Straightforward Steps to Becoming a Saint

Go check those out!

And I’m very behind on updating my novel, 3 chapters behind, in fact. But 3 is just too many to do in one day, so I’ve uploaded 2 today and will upload 2 more next week to get us all caught up. These are some of the roughest chapters in the book, I think, but I also think they have good bones. Head over to Wattpad to read them and tell me what you think!

Miles Apart cover

Miles Apart Chapter 15

Miles Apart Chapter 16

Otherwise, lots of other writing projects have been taking up my time, and also being on steering committee for my local Catholic moms group and heading up an event at my kids’ school. There is literally never a dull moment! But that’s good. It keeps me out of trouble and on my game.

I’m going to start doing #ThrowbackThursday and link to an older article I’ve written each week. Besides EpicPew, I’ve also written for Ignitum Today, the National Catholic Register, and had a different personal blog! Lots to choose from so things don’t get stale on here and also so that old things aren’t forgotten. I kinda like a lot of what I’ve written!

So, as always, tell me what you think, keep me in your thoughts and prayers, and I’ll keep you in mine. Happy reading!


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