I Got 14 Problems and They’re All Chapters in My Novel

It’s update day! Here’s a quick excerpt from chapter 14. Read the rest at Wattpad and don’t forget to tell me what you think!



While talking about their work weeks, Sid noticed Brian and Monica trying to discreetly hold hands under the table and wondered how long they had been together or if everyone else knew. Ian asked Sid what her favorite part of the city had been so far, but she didn’t have a chance to answer because Elliot walked to their table.

“Hey, sorry I’m late,” Elliot greeted. Eyeing the empty seat next to Sid, he said, “Guess I’ll have to sit next to you,” and smiled.

“You make it sound like a chore,” she feigned offense and flicked her long, brown hair over her shoulder.

“Definitely not a chore,” he returned and sat down in the empty seat. 

Sid’s cheeks began to flush just slightly.

“So, Sid,” Monica said, snapping her back, “tell us about where you grew up. We all grew up around the city, but you’re from up north, several hours away, right?”

“Yeah,” Sid shifted as her body tensed. “Very small town. So small that I knew everyone in my graduating high school class by their first and last names. But it was on a lake, so that was cool.”

“Is your family still there? Or friends?”

“No, we’ve all moved away,” Sid said vacantly, staring at her glass.

“Do you know how to water ski?”

“Yeah and wakeboard. I surf, too. I love being on the water.”

“I love the water. Grew up on the north shore,” Alexa said.

“I only know how to surf,” Elliot said and the others agreed. He had only taken his eyes off Sid to order his drink.

“Oh, I’m sure you’d learn quickly,” Sid replied.

“Maybe you could teach me,” he smiled and she returned it.

“Ladies!” Alexa chirped and, once again, Sid was snapped back from becoming lost in Elliot’s eyes. “I love the boys and all, but we should have a girls’ night. Standard fare. My place two Fridays from now?” Monica and Sid agreed.

An hour or so later, only Alexa, Elliot, and Sid were left.

“Where’d you park, Sid? I’ll walk you to your car,” Elliot offered.

“I came with Alexa.”

“Oh, Elliot, if you could take her home, that’d be great. You actually live closer to her than I do.”

“Sure, I don’t mind,” he smiled. “As long as that’s okay with you?”

Sid nodded and they left the bar. They walked out to the parking lot and he showed her to his Jeep and even opened the door for her. She entered her address into his GPS, since she was still getting her bearings, and he drove. They rode mostly in silence but neither felt too awkward. When they reached her apartment building, Elliot commented that Alexa had been right, he lived less than a mile from her building.


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