So. Much. Writing.

So I finally updated my novel over on Wattpad and because it’s taken me 2 weeks, I made it a double update. Read chapters 8 and 9 here.

Miles Apart cover

It took me two weeks to get this next chapter(s) out because I ended up breaking chapter 8 into three chapters instead of one. This is also why I have been writing this novel off and on for 11 years and still haven’t finished yet. ANYWAY. Enjoy. Please vote and comment over on Wattpad, let me know what you think, and help my novel get some more exposure!

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There are other reasons it’s taken me so long to update my novel, as well. Two weeks ago, I left my regular contributor position at EpicPew. I’ve been writing there for almost three years and it has been such a joyful and good learning experience. I’ve had some amazing opportunities come my way because of writing for EP, including interviewing former Olympic hockey player Jason Muzzatti, interviewing Sean Bryan aka The Papal Ninja of American Ninja Warrior fame, interviewing former child star Zac Mabry of “The Little Rascals” fame, meeting many Catholic artists, including Kristyn Brown of The Saints Project, Luke and Gomer of Catching Foxes podcast, Lance Rosen of The Coaster Podcast, Cory and Marie Heimann of Likable Art and Fawnly, Tommy Tighe who wrote The Catholic Hipster Handbook, and Kaitlyn Facista of Tea with Tolkien. EpicPew allowed me the space to truly come into my own, figure out my talents and interests, and put them to work. I leave EpicPew amicably and with a heart full of gratitude. I’ll still be doing two book reviews a month over there, so be sure to watch out for those.

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Since leaving EpicPew, however, I have returned to my freelancing roots and have been sending out pitches and proposals all over the place. I have gotten a few good responses so far and hope to be able to share many of these new opportunities with you soon! I hope you all will continue to support me as I venture out and cast wide my net. I feel very free, competent, and peaceful in my writing career for the first time in a while.


One opportunity that I can share (and probably have, but I don’t want you to forget!) is that Tommy Tighe has asked me to contribute to his next book, The Catholic Hipster Handbook 2. I will be contributing 3 chapters on fun, forgotten, cool aspects of the faith. Pray for me as I work on my chapters! It has been a life-long dream of mine to write and publish my own book, and while I’m only contributing a few chapters to this one, I am elated and incredibly grateful. Check back for updates on the book. And be sure to pick it up when it comes out; there are truly talented people (much more so than me!) contributing to the book– you really don’t want to miss it!

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