Mea Culpa

Hey hey, so this is my birthday week and it’s been crazy fun! But that also means I’ve gotten behind on some work and have been stretching to make it up. ANYWAY.

Chapter 5 of “Miles Apart” is finally live! Go check it out and leave me some love. Make sure to hit that star button at the bottom and leave a comment!

Miles Apart cover

I have a collection of poetry over on Wattpad, too, if you’re interested in seeing how my brain/emotions worked between the ages of 15-23. Most of it is pretty cringe-worthy, but some of it holds the test of time. All of it is fun. Make sure to hit the star button and leave comments there, too.

angsty poems

Or, if prose is more your speed, I have a very small collection of that over on Wattpad, too.

silent movies

All of my other creative writing projects are currently on hold until some of this crazy in my life calms tf down. Or until I can get my shit together enough for the crazy not to matter so much.

Read, heckle me, and enjoy!

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    1. I remember writing that in an airport the summer after my mom died. It was originally about the new family dynamic and relating to my father and sister, but I like the point that it reflects society at large. Of course my family dynamic would be influenced by society; makes a lot of sense. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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