15 Saints for All Your Summer Activities

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Saint Adjutor once fought in the Crusades and was taken prisoner by Saracens. Praying to his favorite saint, Mary Magdalene, she broke him free of his chains and showed him a way to escape. He then dove into the sea and swam for the shore of Crusader territory, being then able to walk the rest of the way.

When he went back to Normandy, he erected a chapel in honor of Mary Magdalene. The chapel was near a stretch of the River Seine that had a troubling whirlpool which terrorized boaters and swimmers. Adjutor and the local bishop went out in a boat towards the whirlpool armed with holy water which the bishop sprinkled on the outskirts of the whirlpool.

Adjutor then cast a link from his chain into the whirlpool and cried, “It is as easy for God to free people from this whirlpool as it was for Him to free me from my chains.” Immediately, the whirlpool calmed. So whether you go for swims in a pool, lake, ocean, or river, pray for safety to Saint Adjutor!

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