This Girl is On Fiyaaaaaa…..Literally.

Things have been crazy at my house recently as we’ve gained some temporary housemates (a friend and her daughter – they just moved to our city and are staying with us as my friend starts a job and finds an apartment). Having three kids under three years old under one roof is like running a circus. circus afro

This week our schedule kinda goes like this: We’re all together until the early afternoon, then my friend, A, leaves for work, then the kids and I take hubs to school and come home, get dinner, and then go back to hubs’ school to pick up A and drop off hubs’ car, then we go home and put all the kids to bed and wait for hubs to come home. The ringmaster (me) should really be put on a higher dose of anxiety meds but….

So I’ve been on a particular anxiety medication for almost 3 years now….and my prescription finally ran out. I don’t have a new doctor yet (since hubs left the Army) and we don’t have insurance, so I decided that instead of getting a new prescription, I’d just stop taking it and deal with withdrawal. Well, let me tell you, withdrawal is as bad as it sounds.

Besides some of the more “normal” symptoms of withdrawal (chills, nausea, flu-like symptoms), I also get this odd one where it feels like all of my nerve endings are firing on full power every time I move.

This is how I feel
This is how I feel

My friend C, who studied psychology and has been on a variety of anxiety meds herself, said that she had never heard of this symptom but it makes sense considering the anxiety medication I was on keeps the nerves from reuptaking. She told me to go to the emergency room and get some meds to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. When I told her that wasn’t in the cards, she told me to break out the margaritas.


Thankfully, the symptoms should only last a week and then I’ll be clean and clear. I’m super excited to experience life and family life without the meds (I’ve been on the meds since before Ruby was born). Will I be able to handle it? Will I find that I actually need the meds? Will I be better without them? I don’t know but I’m excited to find out. And even though I threaten to sell the kids to the gypsies all the time (Do they travel through Texas? Anybody know?), they make going through all of this worth it.

So here goes.

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