Back in the Saddle Again

back-in-the-saddleI used to blog and it was cool but I was fairly directionless and pretty inconsistent. Since I began writing every so often over at Ignitum Today (and editing!), I’ve remembered how much I like doing this. So here we are. I’ve also been asked to participate in some cool things like book reviews and book cover reveals, so I needed a place to do that.

So basically, this blog is going to be my random musings about life, faith, Thirty-One bags, and whatever, with a good smattering of things I love, books (and other media) reviews, funny memes, and pictures. I’ll also let you all in on some super cool personal projects I’m working on. 9012179182640ad0e27662a5e1931bfc

Heads up, I’m dropping the cover of a great new book coming out soon on the 19th so be sure to check it out!

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